Porsche® Repair

We understand how important your Porsche® is to you. So, when it needs repairs or service, you need a provider with the tools, diagnostic equipment and, most importantly, the Porsche® repair know-how that will keep your car running in top condition.

RS Motorwerks offers a full range of diagnostic services, engine repair services, transmission repair services, computerized wheel alignment services and expert installation of Porsche® tires.

We also offer a low-cost $115 multi-point inspection for prospective automobile purchases to help you make informed buying decisions.

Porsche® IMS Failure

A greater number of Porsche® owners are investing in the model years ranging from 1997-2008. However, there are well-known issues with Intermediate Shaft (IMS) failure with Porsche® 9×6 (M96) and 9×7 (M97) engines. IMS failure can result in debris contaminating the engine, with potentially catastrophic consequences. While there are a variety of aftermarket products and solutions available to address potential IMS failure before it occurs, most of these options just treat the symptoms of IMS failure without addressing the underlying problem, which is a lack of lubrication.

At RS Motorwerks, we have been successfully installing Direct Oil Feed (DOF) systems by TuneRS for years to give Porsche® owners peace of mind by completely eliminating ongoing IMS bearing issues. Read more about IMS Failure and why the DOF system is the only solution we use.

Air-Cooled Porsches®

With the rapid escalation in value of air cooled Porsches, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of services ranging from routine maintenance to full-blown restoration for your Porsche®, whether it lives on the track or on the street.

Whether you need restoration services or full-suspension tuning, wheel alignment or corner balancing, you can count on RS Motorwerks to offer all of this and more. We offer extensive in-house machine shop services, custom fuel, ignition, and exhaust systems.

Vintage Porsche® Restoration

We offer complete restoration services for Porsche®  911 and 912 models, including interior restorations, body, glass and weathered trim. We have the experience that the average dealer technician just doesn’t have when it comes to using period-correct leather and vinyl.

When you choose RS Motorwerks to restore your Porsche® 911 or 912, you can be confident that we have the expertise, and the experience, to disassemble and reassemble your vehicle with great precision.

Trust RS Motorwerks for all of Your Porsche® Repair Needs

Porsche® repair performed by RS Motorwerks does not void your Porsche® Warranty and we are quick to point out those Porsche® repairs that are the responsibility of the dealership. Many owners are electing to keep their cars for longer periods of time and purchasing extended warranties through third party vendors. We have ample experience in dealing with third-party warranty companies and we will be happy to manage the entire claims process on your behalf.

Feel free to stop by our shop to check out some of the cool projects that we are working on.

Contact us today to answer any questions or discuss projected costs for servicing your Porsche® by calling 404-275-9926 or emailing info@rsmotorwerks.com.