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Porsche IMS Failure

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There is much discussion and worry in the Porsche community about the potential failure of Intermediate Shaft Bearings (IMS) in 9X6 9X7 models. Concurrently, there has been a surge of aftermarket products designed to address Porsche IMS Failure, this issue creating a lot of confusion amongst consumers. There are special oils, warning systems, modified bearings and retrofits. There is one product marketed as a “solution” but it is only available for 2005 and earlier models unless you commit to a total engine teardown. This “solution” for IMS failure eliminates the oil pressure bypass circuit , and complicates regular servicing by forcing you to use an aftermarket oil filter that may not be readily available at your preferred garage.

With one exception, all of these so-called solutions treat the symptom (bearing failure/ engine failure) as opposed to attacking the root cause: lack of lubrication.

When an Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Failure occurs, debris contaminates the entire engine. A complete engine disassembly is then required to replace the intermediate shaft. In worst-case scenarios, the cam timing can also be thrown off, casing value to piston contact, and lead to a catastrophic failure. Replacement of the engine then becomes your only option. Over the years, R.S. Motorwerks has been closely following various solutions. Most treat the symptom (bearing failure / engine failure).

Your Permanent Solution to IMS Failure

The only solution that actually treats the root of the problem (lack of lubrication) is the Direct Oil Feed (DOF) System by TuneRS. After years of successful installations, R.S. Motorwerks has adopted it as our exclusive solution to IMS Failures.

Why Choose the Direct Oil Feed (DOF) System from R.S. Motorwerks?

– The ONLY solution to address root cause; lack of lubrication
– Totally eliminates ongoing IMS bearing issues
– Retains stock oil filter (unlike competition)
– Retains Oil Pressure bypass circuit (unlike competition)
– Only alternative for 2006 and newer non retrofittable bearing without tearing down engine
– Can be installed with Engine in the car
– Utilizes ceramic bearing just like competition
– Quick Turnaround (often next day)
– No Drama… enjoy your Porsche

Contact us to answer any questions you may have or to determine the cost of a DOF installation for your Porsche: 404-275-9926 or info@rsmotorwerks.com.