RS Motorwerks offers certified and specialized Mercedes repair and service in Atlanta. With over 84 years of combined experience, our service staff can handle any Mercedes fix!

Mercedes Diagnostic Service

Should any vehicle warning light come on, RS Motorwerks has the necessary tools and equipment to diagnose and repair it right the first time. We utilize dedicated software specifically designed for Mercedes repair. If your vehicle is out of warranty, you won’t have a reason to ever visit the dealer again.

You can also bring your prospective automobile purchase to us for a low cost of a $115 pre-purchase inspection. Our thorough multi-point inspections help protect you from buying another person’s problem.

Mercedes Engine Repair

We offer complete repair and rebuilding services for Mercedes Benz engines. We have invested in the special tooling necessary to perform in-house services for cylinder heads, valve guides, valves, camshafts, and variable timing components. Whether you need a head gasket, valve job, timing chain or complete rebuild, we have you covered. These high level repairs are routine at RS Motorwerks. Trust us to keep you running on all cylinders and boost your performance!

Mercedes Transmission Repair

It’s our philosophy that it’s better to rebuild than to replace a part whenever possible. Transmissions are no exception. RS Motorwerks has ample experience with repairing and rebuilding Mercedes Benz automatic transmissions. We have all the right tools and experience to repair or rebuild your transmission while saving you thousands of dollars over a replacement. Mercedes repair is our specialty and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Mercedes Alignment and Tires

We are proud to offer state-of-the-art computerized wheel alignment services. The Hunter DSP 800 wheel alignment system is, without a doubt, the finest alignment system in the world. It’s endorsed by Mercedes Benz for use in their dealerships for warranty Mercedes repair. Not only are there benefits for accuracy, there are no metal parts to contact or scratch expensive wheels.

We utilize a computerized wheel balancer in conjunction with factory correct two-piece wheel weights where applicable. The result is a superior balance that does not have to be re-visited before your next service. For AMG wheels, we utilize the coated factory stick-on weights. These weights are far superior to the lead-stick weights that have to be cut to size.

Mercedes Performance Enhancement

We can help you extract the most from your Mercedes Benz with custom suspension kits and alignment specs. After springs and shocks are installed to lower a car, it is equally important to spend adequate time on the alignment rack to get all the angles right so you can extract every last drop of performance.

Upon request, we are happy to perform suspension modification and tuning for custom applications such as club racing and autocross.