I recently needed some serious transmission and engine work done on my 996 Twin Turbo. I was caught between spending a fortune at a Porsche® dealer or risk taking it to someone who may not have the Porsche experience to do it right. When it came to RS Motorwerks German Auto Repair, I was immediately impressed with their expertise and forthright honesty. Their analysis of the problem was excellent. Their expertise in fixing the issues was outstanding and throughout the process of fixing my car, their communication was perfect.

Bob Weyhmiller

I am belatedly writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your counseling and suggestions, and equally important, your actual servicing and “re-awakening” of my [1970 Porsche 911]. I am more than happy with the final product.

Terence A. (Terry) Walts

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your father for the work you do on my 1968 280SL and the wonderful customer service. Since having the car restored by Bud’s Benz, I was referred to you for continued service. You are not only convenient in the Sandy Springs area but also an absolute expert. I drive my car with confidence and enormous enjoyment. I thank you both very much.

Jeffrey B. Bogart, Esq.

I own a 1970 280SL Mercedes. I’ve had it for 15 years and drive it to work daily. For the last four years, the car hasn’t run well. It misfired and hesitated. I’ve spent thousands trying to fix the problem, using numerous mechanics, until finally, someone told me about John. He diagnosed and fixed the problem. He’s like the doctor on that Fox show “House”, but instead of solving medical mysteries, he solves mechanical mysteries. I highly recommend John Herzler and RS Motorwerks German Auto Repair. In addition to being an excellent mechanic, he’s also a nice person.

Mike Luckovich