My car is still under factory warranty. Will my warranty be voided if I take it outside the dealer for servicing?

No. RS Motorwerks can competently service your car, saving you money over the dealer price, and advise you if you need any repairs to be completed under warranty. We will help you get the most out of your factory warranty. RS Motorwerks is proactive in that we look for what caused the problem and provide you information on possible future issues. This is what sets us apart from the dealer.

Will my service books be stamped and authenticated?

Yes. We fill out your service booklet, stamp it with our corporate seal, reset your instrument cluster, and put a service reminder on the inside of your windshield during your service appointment.

Both Porsche® and Mercedes recommend the use of Mobil1 OW40 synthetic oil. What oil does RS Motorwerks use?

There are several different brands that have been approved by both companies. We use Valvoline products, specifically Synpower 5W-40 for newer cars and Maxlife 20W-50 for pre- 1998 high mileage models. We have approval letters from both companies endorsing the use of Valvoline Synpower.

My Mercedes ML 350 has two differentials and a transfer case. I didn’t see any service recommendation in my books. How often should these be serviced?

There is no recommended service interval for these often overlooked items. We include this service as a part of a B Service for our first-time customers and then we like to revisit it every 60,000 miles.

I have an aftermarket warranty. Do you accept them?

Yes, we accept all aftermarket warranties. However, we do not sell these products nor do we advise you what’s covered or not covered. We do manage the entire claims process on your behalf and keep you advised of the Warranty Company’s position. If you claim exceeds $1,000, most companies will send an inspector to verify the legitimacy of a claim. They will require your car remain at our shop until the vehicle is inspected to prevent further damage. On large claims, it typically takes several days to obtain authorization to start repairs.

My car is at the dealership and they say I need my brake pads and rotors replaced. What should I do?

Schedule an appointment for service and we will inspect it for you at no charge. We take a conservative approach when it comes to replacing brake components such as rotors. We reuse rotors unless they are below the minimum thickness stamped on the part or if they are warped. We find our labor rates and OEM components can save you substantial money depending on the make and model of your car.